It’s Alive!

August 21st, 2017 by

We have a beta version. Or a pre-proto-beta version. That means it works-ish. It’s not entirely pretty yet, but the site’s homepage does all the things I planned for it to do.

The display mode animation for the slideshow section works at long last. This was an opportunity to learn the rudiments of matrix transformations using Snap.svg, which is a nice way of downplaying the hours and hours of spent swearing in front of my keyboard.

Also, the perfect slideshow plugin is difficult to come by. I tried about half a dozen before discovering Slide Anything by Simon Edge. This one was both responsive and flexible enough where I can post almost any sort of content within the slide. I’m pleased with how it works so far. We’ll see how well it performs after I’m done poking at it’s innards for a bit.

The “teleportation device”, also known as the background switcher, works well enough. I’ll be designing more backgrounds as I go along. Currently, only one of the background SVG files has anything resembling a landscape, and that one, frankly, is only intended to be a quick placeholder. The plan is to eventually have animated elements in at least a few of them.

The interior pages: the project blog (which you are reading), contact, and about pages are WordPress reduced to it’s most emaciated form. Plenty of work ahead there to get them all fancy-schmancy and presentable.

Next on the agenda, however, is getting the homepage and the site interior pages responsive.