New Animation

October 10th, 2017 by

Finally getting around to developing some actual new content for the site.

I’ve posted a new animation in the homepage slideshow. You can however, view it here if you don’t want to go digging through slides.

This was done using Adobe Animate, formerly Flash, formerly FutureSplash (around 1998), which should indicate that I’ve been using this program or one of it’s progenitors for some time now. The video editing was done in Adobe Premiere, but if that was formerly called something else I’m not aware of what it was.

The background music is, of course, brazenly stolen from the Twelve Monkeys soundtrack. It works perfectly in both timing and theme of the animation so I’ll be sad and disappointed when Terry Gilliam’s lawyers issue a cease-and-desist.

The story behind this comes from my old Call of Cthulhu webcomic. My concept here was that Cthulhu had risen, destroyed Earth, then the remaining chunks of the world – and the inhabitants therein – are spiraling into an inter-dimensional hole where they’ll be obliterated. It’s a comedy.